A World to Walk On

Produced by John O'Shea for Pacific Films 1961

The terrible challenge of a world dominated by petroleum products, plus the trend of hard floors and glass houses means that wool carpet has struggled in the last 50 years. In the early 1960s John O'Shea, 'dedicated film lover and consummate practitioner of the medium.' 'A World to Walk On' documents the complexity of carpet manufacture in the CMC factory in Riccarton where 56 looms worked day and night. It follows wool through the process of carding, spinning, dying, hand-painting of designs, weaving and finally the carpets presence in the bars, clubs and homes of mid century Aotearoa New Zealand. The film includes a great montage of the mechanical looms under Irish harpist, Mary O'Hara singing, "The Weaving Song." Photography Don Montgomerie.

Credits: Nga Taonga, NZ Archive Sound & Vision.

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